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Developed by SwellPro, the Splash Drone is the world’s 1st amphibious & waterproof drone. 71% of the earth is covered by water, 60% of the people live by the ocean or lake. There isn’t a drone that can survive when it lands in water or flies in the rain except the waterproof Splash Drone. The Splash Drone fills this niche in the drone market by being completely waterproof.

Splash Drone Auto Features
Payload release: Able to load object up to 1kg to fly and drop at specified place. Suitable for water rescue with lifesaving ring; deliver fish food for fisherman; fishing etc.
Waterproof gimbal: The world’s first waterproof gimbal for the drone. Its GoPro type FPV waterproof case fits GoPro Hero3/3+/4 camera and ZERO camera.
Built-in one of the most compact designed 5.8G video transmitter, with a transmission range up to 1km.
Auto Return to Home function: Prevent losing the drone because of mis-operation, which give confidence to people to operate the drone.
Real time OSD data on the controller: Most of the important flight data will be showed on the controller LCD screen, which help you to master the drone status during flying.
Follow me mode: Automatically following up the specified moving object to execute a whole process aerial photography.
App control: Control your Splash Drone by App program via Android and iOS smartphone and tablet.
Way-point & Mission Planning flight: Allow pilot to drop way-points and execute specific flight path at expected attitude.
Circle Flight: Fly the drone surround the specified target to make 360° aerial filming.
Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propeller: Strong and durable, and no more wrench need to fix the propeller.
Smart Charger: All-In-One design, no more complicated setting, supports 2-4S Li-Polymer battery.
Aluminum suitcase: Compact and strong design for easy to carry and protect the drone, plenty of space fits the drone and its accessories.
Splash Drones Auto Waterproof Drones

Smart Flight Controller
Goes into effect when losing radio signal under GPS mode, such as aircraft is beyond radio telemetry range/ radio controller has ran out of battery. The flight control system will automatically take control and return your Splash Drone back to the original GPS Locked take-off location.

Advanced Engine System
Splash Drone comes equipped with high efficiency ESC together with Special-treated Waterproof brushless Motors and 12 Inch Self-tightening Carbon-fiber Props, rapidly improves the flight performance in battery lifetime, balance sensitivity, flight reliability.

Stabilized Aerial Photography
It’s really gospel to have the Waterproof Splash Gimbal Integrated with Gopro-suited Dive Box, your Gopro camera can feed live high resolution videos even in the water/ sea/ rain.

Video Transmission
5.8G 600mw 32CH is a Brand-New design of Mini wireless Video transmitter of 32 channels, it ‘s compatible with all 5.8G Receiver within proportional frequency. Transmit back clear videos within the range up to 1KM, transmission distance can be increasingly amplified in the air.

Long Distance Payload Release, Circle Flight, Follow Me, Mission Planning, Guiding Star

Splash Drone Auto Version
Delivery and drop-off pouches, life preservers, fishing bait, bottle of water to someone.

Splash Drone AUTO
Fullset Weight: 2300g
Hovering precision : +/- 0.2 m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity : 25°
Max pitch Tilting Angle : 25°
Max Ascending/descending Velocity : 4m/s
Max flying speed : Real test 21m/s
Flight Time(without payload) : 20 mins ( 5200 mAh)
Flight Time(Full Set) : 15 mins ( 5200 mAh)
Max Take-off Weight : 2.8Kg
Temperature : -10C°~ 40C°
Splash Drone Battery
Type and Capacity : 4S 14.8V 5200mAh Lipo battery
Charging Temperature : -10C°~ 40C°
2.4GHz Radio Controller
Net Weight: 630g
Operation Frequency: 2405 ~ 2475HMZ
Radio Range: 1.0 KM
Receiver sensitivity (1%PER): -105dbm
Working current: 120 mA
battery: 7.4V-11.1V
Channel: 10 channels
Waterproof frame with porthole and seal screw underside
Smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V & 12V)
Motors: 590KV specially treated brushless pancake (x4)
ESC: 40A high voltage/temperature ESC (x4)
LED lights: Super strong LEDs with low battery warning
Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside
Ground station and follow me module
High-end 8 channels telemetry Radio remote Controller
4S 5200mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo Battery (x1)
All in one smart balance charger (x1)
#1243 Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propellers (x1set)
Waterproof vented cover (x1)
Quick-release landing gear (1set)
Quick-release camera mount (x1)
Waterproof Gimbal (x1)
Video transmitter – MI600s (x1)
7″ FPV screen with dual antenna (x1)
Payload release (x1)
Splash Drone AUTO all-in-one Suitcase. (x1)

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SplashDrone AUTO Autonomous Version  Orange