PFD Australia- LX2 Jacket

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The all new StormRider Lite is certified to AS 4758.1 and has a universal Auto/Manual mechanism interchangeable by the user.

The StormRider Lite is made from breathable waterproof fabric, has a removable back and sleeves and a peaked weather beating hood that folds in to the collar. To keep you dry the Lite also comes with weatherproof neoprene cuffs with velcro closure, a double weather proofing zip front cover and all pockets are weatherproof.

Available in Navy or Red, the Lite can also legally be worn open (with the buckle fastened). With its' light weight and all round versatility the Lite will quickly become your favourite fishing accessory!

Certified to AS 4758.1
Interchangeable Auto/Manual mechanism
Removable back and sleeves
Peaked weather beating hood
Weatherproof neoprene cuffs with velcro closure
Double weather proofing zip front cover
All pockets have weatherproof zips
Made from breathable waterproof fabric
Heavy duty locking buckle
Available in Navy or Red

Price: $220


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PFD Australia LX2 Jacket
PFD Australia LX2 Jacket
PFD Australia LX2 Jacket