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Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks! (Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks). Paddle
kayaks do not have the necessary lateral resistance needed nor do they typically have a rudder
for steering. Paddle kayaks require hands-on paddling which prohibits use of rudder and sail
controls for sailing. Hobie Mirage kayaks are equipped with a hand-controlled rudder. The
MirageDrive allows hands to be free for sail and rudder controls. The Patented MirageDrive
pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which also helps you to maintain forward motion
through turns and obtain higher speeds. Sail with ease maintaining excellent speed with or without
pedaling while sailing. Easily pedal out to sail or pedal home when the wind is too light. Add a
SideKick ama kit for additional stability if desired. The MirageDrive pedal system’s fins act as a
keel or centerboard when in the down position offering the lateral resistance needed for upwind
sailing. SAIL KIT includes mast*, sail (20.25 sq ft.), lines, fittings and storage bag. (*2 Piece
mast standard / 4 Piece mast for i-Series)
Add the large rudder #81397001 for more responsive rudder control. Adventure / Revolution 16
models can add the dagger board for enhanced upwind performance.

84513001 SAIL KIT (Turq/Papaya)
84514001 SAIL KIT (White/Red)
84515001 SAIL KIT (White/Turq)
84516001 SAIL KIT (Silver/White)
79052202 i-SERIES SAIL KIT (Turq/Papaya)
79052203 i-SERIES SAIL KIT (White/Turq)
79052204 i-SERIES SAIL KIT (Silver/White)

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