JOBE Rogue

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The Rogue: has introduced a new-machined core structure and carbon weave. This has produced a ski that casts out wider and generates more speed across the wakes while still maintaining the stability and consistent performance from utilizing the hybrid concave design, transitioning into a full edge to edge concave.

The Rogue has been a hit since its introduction to the Jobe range, we have taken the ski to new levels making it faster and more responsive. We have introduced a new super lightweight "core" and carbon graphite construction gives this ski energy and incredible acceleration. The incredible angle through the wakes will allow you to be wide and early for the next buoy, giving you all the time in the world to turn your "offside" into your "on-side". The contoured deck incorporates variable flex patterns throughout the ski, it comes with a handy screwdriver set to adjust the position of your Rogue bindings and competition fin.

Comes Standard with Comfort Binding

With Rogue Binding +$50

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JOBE Rogue