Mapple T3

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Traditional slalom skis, due to their shape, are by nature very torsionally stiff front to back. Therefore they take a lot of effort and strength to create a direction and angle across course.

Creating leverage and angle with the minimum amount of load against the boat is the ultimate desire of a slalom skier.

The revolutionary patented design of the Mapple Torque Series skis, now for the first time allows this desire of the slalom skier to be fulfilled. An increase of over 10 degrees of torsional flex throughout the ski, due to the new “Mapple Torque Slot”. A ski that allows the rotational flex of the ski though the most controllable part of the ski by the skier, under the bindings.

Now as the skier loads against the boat, instead of the ski creating a block against the pull, the ski will move forward freely, and gather the angle and direction the skier is working towards.

Price: $3,000
Mapple T3